Julius Randle

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Knicks 131, Kings 115: Julius Too Much to Randle

Julius Randle scores a career-high 46 points to overcome Kings' 20-point lead.
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Kings vs Knicks Preview: Thibodeaun’t Look Now

The Knicks are in a free fall, losing 11 of 13 and the Kings are free to do as they please.
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Kings vs. Knicks Preview: The House of Mirth

Ten days until the deadline and the Kings have lost six in a row...
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Kings players don’t need to €œlearn to win€

In which I take issue with a common way we shift blame onto players.
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Kings vs. Knicks Preview: How to Handle Randle

The Kings losing streak is now up to eight games. Well, at least all the tradepieces are finally healthy!
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Julius Randle proved to be too much for Marvin Bagley

Marvin stood no chance against the physical play of Julius Randle and that matchup nearly lead to a New York comeback.