Alvin Gentry

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De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis reflect and look forward to next year

Fox and Sabonis spoke to the media about their thoughts on the 2021-22 season, their injuries, and the looming offseason decisions.
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Three things Davion Mitchell plans to work on in the offseason

The rookie has a solid campaign, especially to close out the season. He breaks down what he wants to improve on going into next season.
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Alvin Gentry relieved of coaching duties, could join Kings front office

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news that Alvin Gentry is done in Sacramento, and provided an early list of head coaching candidates Monte McNair is looking at.
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Reviewing the road trip breakout performances from Mitchell, Jones, and others

Davion Mitchell and Damian Jones played amazingly on the trip, but how does it affect their future trajectory?
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Trey Lyles is showing his potential with extended opportunity

He isn't the one who is going to fix everything for the Kings, but he is proving he might be part of the solution.
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Kings Pulse: Promising signs of growth from the back-to-back

Episode 300 of the Kings Pulse podcast!
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Appreciating De’Aaron Fox’s passing ability

We may have seen one of the best passes of his career Monday.
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Gentry, Kings players discuss shooting woes and turnovers

Plus, the players express their support from Alex Len, who is from Ukraine.
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Kings Pulse: Building around Fox & Sabonis w/ Sam Amick

Sam Amick joins the show and gives his insight on the past deadline and looming offseason for Sacramento.
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The impact of De’Aaron Fox’s increased mid-range threat

De'Aaron Fox is attempting mid-range shots at a career-high rate this season for good reason. And, he's been knocking them down.
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Donte DiVincenzo adds some much needed defensive versatility to Sacramento

Sacramento has some newfound hope on the defensive end, with DiVincenzo being the primary reason.
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Domantas Sabonis’ passing on display in his first game as a King

Sabonis says he feels like he found a basketball home in Sacramento
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Alvin Gentry and Kings players react to Haliburton-for-Sabonis trade

Like the fans, there was a bit of shock among the players.
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Davion Mitchell is showing promise in extended minutes

Over his last five games of 30+ minutes, Mitchell is averaging 19.4 points, 5.6 assists and 2.2 rebounds on 48% from the field.
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Alvin Gentry pushing for more consistent pace

Plus, Marvin Bagley is averaging 16 points and 10 rebounds over the last three games.
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The Kings need more from Harrison Barnes

It's clear that the coaching staff wants more from Barnes, but he's been quiet as of late.
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Alvin Gentry says Neemias Queta was ‘really, really good’ against the Cavs

Postgame quotes from Gentry, Haliburton, and Queta.
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Chainmail: Kangz gonna Kangz

You ask, we answer!
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Alvin Gentry is searching for answers as to why the Kings can’t win at home

Kings tally another home loss after slow start against the Hawks. Plus, De'Aaron Fox wants Tyrese Haliburton to be more aggressive.