Devin Booker

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Suns 122, Kings 117: Kings get Outshined by Booker & Suns

A 44-piece from Devin Booker was just enough to extend the Kings' losing streak to three games.
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Kings vs Suns Preview: Can the Kings stop the hottest team in the West?

There could be Ayton at stake in this game.
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Suns 127, Kings 124: Mitchell’s big night not enough

Despite Davion Mitchell's career night, the Suns outlasted the Kings in overtime.
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Kings vs Suns Preview: The Best and the Rest

The Kings take on the best team in the league this afternoon and are looking to avoid their 10th loss since the All-Star Break.
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Suns 109, Kings 104: Sun sets early, but Suns rise late

The Kings flew too close to the sun in the first half and got burned badly in the second.
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Kings vs. Suns Preview: New Flare, Don’t Care

The Kings don't have time to wallow about disappointing games - the Suns are in town and looking for revenge.
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Kings 110, Suns 107: Sun sets in Phoenix as the Kings come out on top

It wasn't pretty, but it was a win, and that's all that matters.
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Kings vs. Suns Preview: Eight and Counting…

Remember last season when the Kings had a better record than the Suns?
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De’Aaron not selected as an All-Star Reserve

The news isn't a big surprise given the Kings recent slide.
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Suns 116, Kings 100: Undefeated no more

Phoenix got their revenge against Sacramento as Tyrese Haliburton impressed again.