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Chainmail: Talkin’ draft picks, trades, and free agency

Special guest Brenden Nunes joins the mailbag!
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Kings Pulse: 2021 NBA Draft Prospect Profiles – Moses Moody and Franz Wagner

We continued our draft profiles with the duo you've all been waiting for - Arkansas wing Moses Moody and Michigan forward Franz Wagner.
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2021 NBA Draft Profile: Moses Moody

Arkansas's Moses Moody is a lock to be a two-way difference maker, a true 3-and-D player who will be ready for an NBA role very quickly into his career - but one who also offers strong offensive upside beyond the “safe” label he’s been branded with.
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2021 NBA Lottery Teams Mock Draft

With one week until this draft, here is how we could see the lottery playing out.
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Hornets, Raptors, and Mavericks expected to be interested in Richaun Holmes

It's looking very unlikely that Early Bird Rights will be enough to keep Holmes in Sacramento.
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2021 Kings Herald Draft Board: Pick No. 13

Jalen Johnson is off the board.
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Consensus is building among top mock drafters that Franz Wagner will be selected by the Kings at #9

The Michigan forward might have some fans in the Kings front office.