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Around the Realm: Pelicans hire Stan Van Gundy, DeMar DeRozan unhappy in San Antonio?

We take a look around the league, where the Pelicans have found Alvin Gentry's replacement.

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Pelicans hire SVG

The New Orleans Pelicans hired Stan Van Gundy as their new coach, as first reported by ESPN:

Van Gundy has been a very successful coach in the league, but failed to manage both coaching and GM responsibilities for the Pistons. He gets a chance to bounce back in a coaching-only role with Zion Williamson.

SVG fills the role previously held by Alvin Gentry, who was fired by New Orleans and ended up joining the Kings as Luke Walton's assistant.

DeMar DeRozan unhappy in San Antonio?

The Athletic published part one of an anonymous agent survey. It went in depth on players who helped themselves in the bubble, the impacts of Covid-19 on the draft process, what they think free agency will look like, and more. Most of it is what you'd expect, but one piece of news jumped out. When discussing which stars might be likely to move this offseason, one agent was discussing Fred VanVleet and dropped new speculation about DeMar DeRozan:

 “DeMar doesn’t like San Antonio and doesn’t want to be there. If those guys leave, they land with Dwane Casey in Detroit. That relationship with the former coach is strong. Comes down to money (for VanVleet) and the situation in Toronto is rough with the taxes. VanVleet on the Pistons elevates his status as the number 1-2 guy on a team.”

One funny note: of all the questions asked and all the responses agents provided, the only mention of the Kings was in response to the question "Among general managers or front-office leaders, who do you trust the most?"

One agent answered Joe Dumars.


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1 month ago

I wonder what the market is for DeRozan? Expiring, $28m contract, 31, and slightly antiquated as a wing that does not take or make much from beyond arc.

Nostradumbass 14
Nostradumbass 14
1 month ago
Reply to  RobHessing

I think he opts out and enters free agency. I wonder if he chases a title on a one year discount?

1 month ago

You were supposed to keep it anonymous, Joe…

1 month ago

wow didnt think SVG would get another head coaching gig after Detroit. He’s a hard worker, happy for him

1 month ago
Reply to  dhackett

Happy for SVG, but the talent for play by play at ESPN and TNT is dwindling, especially if JVG takes the Houston job (I don’t think he will). They’re really leaving us with only Reggie, C-Webb, and Mark Jackson. Unless they do the smart and long overdue thing and promote Doris Burke.

1 month ago
Reply to  Wonderchild

I personally have a very hard time listening to Burke. It’s based on a mixture of her deep voice and her tendency to over-embellish. She certainly deserves to be promoted, though, regardless of my taste.

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