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Kings 120, Lakers 114: Star Fox goes Supernova in the Clutch

De'Aaron Fox scored a game-high 32 points, including 8 in the last four minutes alone to help the Kings defeat the Lakers.
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4 Takeaways from the Kings Preseason Finale vs. Lakers

The Kings emphatically beat LA in their preseason finale.
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Kings vs. Lakers Preview: Easier than Lying

The Sacramento Kings have lost five straight and now have to take on Lebron James and... well basically just Lebron James at this point.
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Kings vs. Lakers Preview: The Future is Now, Old Man

The 7th seeded Lakers are clinging to .500 and the Kings have a shot at knocking them down a peg or two.
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Lakers 117, Kings 92: A tale as old as time

A good start turned into a complete meltdown in the blink of an eye. For these Sacramento Kings, that's just business as usual.
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Kings vs. Lakers Preview: The Return of the King

LeBron James might decide to give it a go tonight... aaaaand this season has less than three weeks left for us.
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Kings vs. An NBA Franchise from Los Angeles Preview: The Sanjesh Singh Bowl

I guess the real promising young prospects to pine for were the writers we let leave along the way....
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De’Aaron not selected as an All-Star Reserve

The news isn't a big surprise given the Kings recent slide.
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Around the Realm: Morey out in Houston, Joerger joins the 76ers, Clippers hire Lue

Welcome to a new feature where we do a quick roundup of news from around the league.