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The greatest Sacramento Kings jersey of all time

The design was simple, but it worked so, so well for a team that was very, very good.

Generally speaking, black jerseys are cool.

Some of the most classic NBA jerseys of all time are black, like the alternate uniforms that the Minnesota Timberwolves wore from 1998 to 2008 and the alternates the Phoenix Suns wore from 1992 to 2000 with bright orange sun across the chest. However, the one that’s stood the test of time is the black and purple road uniform the Sacramento Kings wore from 1994 to 2002.

There wasn’t anything particularly bold about the uniform, especially compared to the infamous split-screen black and purple alternates they had during the same era, but there was something about the way the black and purple complemented each other that made the Kings look like superheroes every time they stepped onto the court. Like, the Kings have had a handful of black and purple jerseys since, but none of them have come close to looking as cool as these did.

Simply put, it’s arguably their greatest uniform all time, which is why it was our pick for SB Nation’s Jerseys Week.

There were definitely a few other, more colorful jerseys that warranted consideration for the honor of “Best Kings Jersey Ever,” including the baby blue (‘85-’90) and royal blue (‘90-’94) road jerseys, but given the fact that the Kings wore the black and purple road jerseys during the height of their organizational success, it seemed like the appropriate choice. I mean, Chris Webber, Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic, Jason Williams and even Mitch Richmond all wore this uniform, and the Kings wore it during one of the two times they made the Western Conference Finals.

The choice might be rooted in nostalgia, but it’s not a bad-looking uniform by any stretch of the imagination. Let’s hope the team decides to bring it back as a throwback jersey sooner rather than later.

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