Kings vs Timberwolves Preview: Attack the Pack!

The Kings have three games before the All-Star Break, and have traveled North to take on the fourth best team in the West!
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Hey friends! It’s your Sunday edition of “Wait, Honey the weather is really nice! Why are we watching a Kings game at four in the afternoon?” and your earnest, heartfelt answer for February 11th is “The Timberwolves are actually decent this year! Come on… COME BACK!”. Decent they are, and whether you’re simply watching the game, chasing after disappointed loved ones, or crying in the local tavern (which, hey, quiet down the games on), the Kings will be in for a fight if they’re looking to pull themselves out of the last spot in the Western Conference. Which they are trying to do, right? The Timberwolves are healthy, losers in four of their last six games, coached by sentient angry Donald Duck quack and are inching ever closer to signing a basketball player who is as bad a human being as he is a purveyor of healthy knees. I’m sure the organization and fans are as chill as their weather right now. Here’s to losing by less than 30!

Let’s talk Kings basketball!

When: Sunday, February 11th; 4:00 pm PST

Where: Target Center, Minneapolis, MN


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Wolves at the Door: As the Kings head deeper and deeper into their murky future, they’ll continue to off the stragglers slowing the group down and swap some of their tantalizing talent for those with more established roles. It’s a near certainty that most of this young talent won’t be around for the next set of Kings playoff years. It’s a near certain none of us will be either, but the hopes we put on our young talent will be dashed far more often than not, or said talent will be traded away before we ever get to see it flourish in royal purple. Timberwolves fans are going through this right now. Suffering through near playoff misses with the likes of Kevin Love, Nikola Pekovic, Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer Derrick Williams they hit the reset button, ended up with three #1 Overall picks on their team at one point, had the likes of Ricky Rubio, Zach LaVine, Kriss Dunn, Shabazz Muhammad in the wings… and in the end will have a playoff team led by two of those #1 picks, and everyone else gone. All those highly prized picks turned into highly coveted young guns, and all, over time, boiled down to just Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins being their meaningful keepers. Their MVP this season is Jimmy Butler, acquired in a trade that consolidated their young talent. Their starting rotation filled with vets enticed with playing with the one and a half home-run picks the Wolves had. The Timberpups are dead and spread throughout the league, but the Wolves will be back in the playoffs this Spring.

The Kings will do the same thing. It’s the natural order of the league. The early cuts are hard. Many more are to come. If it were my team, I’d have tried to run another few years with Ricky Rubio, Zach LaVine, Andrew Wiggins, Anybody But Gorgui Dieng, Karl-Anthony Towns to see them grow. If it were my team, I’d probably fire my coach just for sounding like a Doc Rivers drowning in pancake batter too. We all know that in the years to come we’re going to see some of our favorites move on, or tank out. When you watch the Timberwolves tonight, just understand that it could be an okay thing. And, that I’m here to hold you when we draft Thomas Robinson Jr someday.

Draft Dreams: We’re gonna be losing lots of games going forward, so when I see something worth sharing about anyone on our draft radar, I’ll share it here so we can remember the positive part of being such a terrible team. First up, my illegitimate son: Luka Doncic.

Prediction: Jeff Teague scores 50 points on us, but we get to see Jiggly Boy (yeah, just watch the link) up in the stands at the Target Center so we’re all happy.

Kings: 104, Wolves: 99

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