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Are the Kings chasing Yogi Ferrell?

The Kings might be chasing point guard depth

The Sacramento Kings may be in play for free agent point guard Yogi Ferrell, based on reports. In a situation oddly reminiscent of the Nemanja Bjelica ordeal, Ferrell backed out of his agreement with the Dallas Mavericks and is now a possibility to join the Kings.

While the Kings aren’t mentioned as a team chasing Ferrell by Shams, there is a report out there indicating a connection.

Jeff Rabjohns isn’t a name that would be familiar to many NBA fans, but he’s a reporter out of Indiana. Ferrell played at Indiana University, and it’s not unreasonable to think Rabjohns would have connections to Ferrell’s camp. It’s also worth noting he said the Kings were working on signing Ferrell and then followed up to include Cleveland and New Orleans as well.

Ferrell would provide additional point guard depth, but it’s difficult to say he’d be a definite upgrade over Frank Mason III. It would definitely create an interesting camp battle, but Ferrell wouldn’t be considered a threat to De’Aaron Fox’s role as a the starter.

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