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Quarantine Rewind: The 2000-01 Sacramento Kings on Backstage with Ahmad Rashad

During the 2000-01 season, Ahmad Rashad gave basketball fans a behind-the-scenes look at one of the best organizations in the NBA.

I know it may seem hard to believe at times, but the Sacramento Kings used to be quite good at basketball. From about 1998-2006 the Kings were not only one of the most exciting teams in the NBA, but they were also the best example of how a small market team with no real history of success could breakthrough.

Sacramento's run of success hit a wall after Rick Adelman was fired following the Kings' first round playoff exit vs. the Spurs in 2006. The Kings have gone a collective 403-711 since, and failed to reach the playoffs in 13 (likely going on 14) years. They have the longest playoff drought in the NBA.

What makes the circumstances in Sacramento particularly interesting is that despite the significant passing of time, a lot of the people involved with the organizations highest levels of success are also directly responsible for their most significant failures. As a fan, it's an odd dynamic, but that familiarity is what made going back and rewatching The Sacramento Kings: Backstage with Ahmad Rashad kind of cathartic.

It reminded me why I loved that team, but also highlighted why the last decade has been so frustrating. We can talk about that later.

Here is The Sacramento Kings: Backstage with Ahmad Rashad in its entirety:


There is so much good stuff in here, but the Vlade Divac segment really stands out to me in part because my frustrations with him as a general manager allowed me to forget how appreciative I was of him as a player. I don't know exactly how to reconcile with this.

Divac's shortcomings as an executive have held this organization back and will likely continue to do so until he either miraculously starts making the right decisions, or a change is made. At the same time, his contributions to the organization are deeply responsible for its only success, and the personal relationship people feel towards him is legitimately conflicting.

There is little doubt that certain sections of the fan base and local media have given him a pass on certain things because he's Vlade. He's one of ours. The Sacramento Kings: Backstage with Ahmad Rashad is an excellent example why.

Anyway, it's a good watch, and I wish Vlade Divac was a better general manager, because as a basketball player you couldn't ask for more.





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Ican Hascheezburger
2 months ago

Thanks for digging this up, Tony! Vlade the player was such a joy to follow as a fan.
Man, the 2000-2001 season feels like it took place decades ago.

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Kevin Lam
2 months ago
Reply to  Kosta

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Rob Hessing
2 months ago

“Fun” with numbers:
Regular season wins in the 13 seasons before Adelman: 386
RS wins in the 8 seasons during Adelman: 395
RS win in the 14 seasons since Adelman: 403
The Adelman years represent less than a quarter of the Sacramento Kings’ history, but over a third of the wins.
Adelman was 8 for 8 in getting to the playoffs. The rest combine for 2 for 26 (with this season pending).

Ican Hascheezburger
2 months ago
Reply to  RobHessing

(please downvote me into oblivion)
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Rob Hessing
2 months ago
Reply to  TonyXypteras

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Michael Ehrgott
2 months ago

One of these days I will try not living in the past…
today is not that day.

Adam Dieter
2 months ago

The past may be all we have left, because living for the future isn’t looking all that bright. #2020

2 months ago

I hope no one was thinking things would break in the Kings favor!
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Juan Mejia
2 months ago

20 nationally televised games!? I worked at the In-N-Out Burger in Natomas during those years, so I pretty much worked every game. I fed so many of you drunk Kings fans, lol.

Dave Hackett
2 months ago

Vlade’s greatness as a Kings player is outweighed by his awfulness as a Kings GM

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