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The Jester’s Court Podcast: Moving Forward with Deuce Mason and Morgan Ragan

Preparing for the future on and off the court.

Basketball is supposedly back soon, and a lot is on our minds! Will it actually come to be? How has the NBA handled the COVID-19 outbreak? What was it like working a G-League game the night that Rudy Gobert was diagnosed?

Deuce Mason and Morgan Ragan joined us as we discussed all of this and more. Obviously, to cap it off, we needed to talk about the reunion with Corey Brewer and what his signing means for the Kings. 

You might notice a dip in audio quality. Unfortunately, the recording was done on a laptop microphone instead of the Blue Yeti, but outside of a loss of quality, it does not affect the listenability of the podcast.

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Deuce Mason
2 months ago

This was a lot of fun. Appreciate you having us on the pod!

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