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Is Tyler Honeycutt The Small Forward The Kings Have Dreamt Of?

Or maybe the team will have Tyler Honeycutt.

And Honeycutt was a major factor for the Bruins. I'm not a UCLA fan or follower, and I imagine hardcore Bruins fans consider Honeycutt and his two teams in Westwood to be disappointments. But the kid led the Pac-10 in blocks as a 6'8 small forward, was No. 3 on the team in scoring, No. 2 in rebounding, No. 2 in assists and No. 2 in steals. He hit more threes than any other Bruin, and was the top defender on a good (not at all great, but good) defensive team.

In other words, he's the perfect small forward we've all dreamt of.

Honeycutt was also a much more prolific shotblocker at UCLA than was Prince at Kentucky, but we'll see if Honeycutt's shotblocking translates. For what it's worth, Kevin Pelton's top statistical comparable for Honeycutt is Louisville enigma Earl Clark, who might actually not be in the NBA next season. Honeycutt is a year younger than was Clark in 2009, a bit smaller but a better long-range shooter and shotblocker. Rebounding and scoring are highly comparable.

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