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The Sactown Royalty Show (Episode 165): The Evans-gers (featuring TJ Macias and Tim Maxwell)

We’re casting Kings movies

We are back!

Apologies for the month off. We actually did record an episode during that time, but it is one that was horribly-timed for reasons you will see when I decide to release it. To make things more complicated... I had a little medical emergency a couple weeks ago when I planned on getting something out. But, fear not! I am now fine.

We decided to have a very off-season doldrums episode, and I am not going to lie to you, the results are downright bizarre. I was joined by TJ Macias and Tim Maxwell to plan and discuss potential Kings-themed movies that we planned in our heads. The results are gripping, strange, iconic, and pretty weird.

After Tim jumped ship, TJ And I discussed other potential events that could make good movies and eventually got TJ to admit to some very intense situations from the past.

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