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The Great Jersey Tourney: Final Four

Goodbye Blue Sky

Don’t be surprised if it rains in Sacramento today. It will just be the angels weeping for the defeat of the powder blue jerseys. My one and only true blue love. Good night, goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Yet life goes on. A champion of each region has emerged, and we’ve re-seeded the final four by margin of victory in the preceding rounds.

This results in two era-specific showdowns. We’ve got the most popular classic looks facing off in one matchup, and the most popular current jerseys facing off in the other.

Pick two to send to the finals!

(#1) 1994 OG Blacks vs. (#4) 1985 Royal Blues

(#2) 2016 Black Lions vs. (#3) 2017 “City” Purples

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