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Stein: Potential Caron Butler to Milwaukee Bucks Trade “On Hold”

On December 16th, ESPN's Marc Stein reported that the Sacramento Kings had 'pledged' to Caron Butler that they would trade him to a team that would give him a larger role, and that potential deal could come in the very near future.

From Stein's original December 16th report -

This morning, Stein updated his report via twitter, revealing that the Milwaukee Bucks are leaning towards not pursuing Caron Butler at this time.

I still question what sort of on-court role Butler was expecting to find in Sacramento this season, but the way his tenure with the Kings has turned out thus far can only be characterized as disappointing. I'd speculate that if the Kings could find an appropriate home for Butler, he would have been traded by now. With Milwaukee backing away from their interest, I'm not sure how this situation gets resolved.

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