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Kings vs. Suns Preview: Oh hey, there’s two games left?

A Couple Reasons to Watch:

Points Galore: If you're someone who likes lots of points and not a whole lot of defense, well do I have just the right game for you to look in on this Monday night. Phoenix is a terrible defensive team, giving up the second most amount of points to opponents in the league at over 107 a game. If you're wondering who could give up more points than that, well, I would point you in the direction of Sleep Train Arena and nod solemnly. The Kings allow their opponents to score more points than any other team in the league at 109.1 points a game. That seems like it'd be a bad thing, right? Well sure, if you don't like when your team has the ability to put up 142 points against an opponent, like the Kings did to the Suns on January 2nd of this year. It's guady, it's a tire fire on one end of the floor, but, who ever won anything with good defense, right?

Odds and Ends:

Prediction: The Sacramento Kings will forget that tanking has benefits, and that they were begged to go easy on Phoenix and their delicate defensive numbers. Kings win: 120-105.

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