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We’ve got heavily discounted tickets for the final games at Sleep Train Arena

It's crazy to think about, but there are only 7 more games at Sleep Train Arena before the old barn shuts down for good and the Kings make their way to their palace in Downtown Sacramento.

I have a lot of fond memories of going to the Arena, dating all the way back to when I was just a little kid and my dad would take me to the occasional game. I won't necessarily miss the building itself, but the memories are precious and thankfully those will last forever.

Tickets for the final game are pretty much sold out at this point, but the Kings are trying to give everyone a good opportunity to see at least one more game at Sleep Train and as such they're offering massive discounts on the other 6 games, some in excess of 50% off.

To get access to these tickets, simply follow this link, click the game you want tickets for and enter the offer code: THANKYOU to see the inventory. NOTE: If you can't see the games, try opening the link in a different browser (it works in Google Chrome) or refreshing the page.

The Kings are going to be doing a lot of cool things at the arena as the season winds down. One of note is that for all the games in April, they will be having professional photographers outside the arena at the "6th Man" statue to take pictures of fans standing next to it. These pictures will be free for fans to download and will also be included in a Kings collage that the Kings will create and share digitally.

This is a great and very affordable chance to get one last opportunity to see the team not only this season, but also in this building.

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