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Kings get an additional nationally televised game

The Sacramento Kings are finally garnering some national attention this season.

The news is true, Sacramento Kings fans. For the first time in a while you will be able to watch Charles, Ernie, Kenny and Shaq break down a Kings game on TNT. As reported by Sean Cunningham of Fox 40, the network has decided to drop the Thursday Night Football-esque Utah Jazz and New York Knicks game for the matchup between the Kings and the Brooklyn Nets on Nov. 15 at Golden 1 Center.

After being one of four teams without a nationally televised game last season, the Kings will now have six in the 2022-23 season. In addition to this game on TNT, the Kings will be live in front of the entire basketball world in the following games:

With a team like the Kings I have come to embrace the small, yet meaningful victories. Going from zero to a whopping six nationally broadcasted games is honestly kind of huge. The NBA and its partnering networks will only bless a fanbase with these broadcasts if the team is deemed “entertaining.” Or if they’re the Lakers, I guess.

As we all know, the NBA is more than just a professional sports league. It is a league focused on providing entertainment and an experience to its fans, both in person and at home. For teams like the Kings, the at-home experience has only been available for those with cable on a local network, or league pass if they’re out of town. But now that the Kings finally have a fun roster and real playoff potential, the league has recognized their entertainment value this season.

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