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Report: Kings preparing to sign Harrison Barnes to 4 year, $88 million deal

Barnes’ return is looking more and more certain.

Anybody worried about the Kings losing Harrison Barnes in free agency after he declined his player option, fear not. Per Carmichael Dave, the Kings are preparing to shell out the big bucks to re-sign their starting Small Forward.

Multiple reporters have since confirmed Dave’s initial report.

In all likelihood, the framework of this deal was largely worked out before Barnes declined his option and it wouldn’t be surprising if this deal becomes official shortly after free agency begins on Sunday. It’s a bit of an overpay, especially for those of us speculating on a 4 year, $80 million offer for Barnes, but it’s not egregious, especially considering the Kings will now have Barnes locked up through his prime (he just turned 27) and he is a very good player at the premier NBA position.

Barnes fit in well with the Kings after a short adjustment period. He ended up averaging 14.3 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.9 assists while shooting efficiently (45.5% overall, 40.8% from three) in 28 games. He also proved to be a better defender than expected and routinely guarded the opposing team’s best wing down the stretch of the season.

With Barnes likely back in the fold (nothing is final until pen is put to paper), the Kings still have plenty of money to fill out the rest of their roster. It should be an exciting summer with the Kings having both cap space and an attractive situation.

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