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Keeping track of the mess.
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The Sacramento Kings have perhaps the most complicated draft scenario in the entire league.  As. such, we thought it would be best if we had somewhere where we could track everything at once and keep you up to date as the season goes on. So add this to your bookmarks, or just check out the front page of Sactown Royalty when you need to as we will have this pinned on the front page until the end of the season. This page will be updated daily.

Picks Owned:

Sacramento's 2017 1st round pick or 2017 2nd round pick depending on what conditions are met.

New Orleans' 2017 1st round pick.

Philadelphia's 2017 2nd round pick.

Conditions on Picks:

Sacramento owes its own 2017 1st round pick to Chicago if it is anywhere between 11-30.  If Sacramento ends up between 1-10 it will give Chicago its 2017 2nd round pick instead.

Sacramento must swap its pick with Philadelphia if Sacramento's pick is better than Philadelphia's. This swap does NOT affect the pick to Chicago (e.g. if Philadelphia is 11th and Kings are 9th, Sacramento would get the 11th pick as that was Philadelphia’s pick and is not connected to what we owe Chicago. Philadelphia would then possess Sacramento’s 9th pick.)

Sacramento does not get New Orleans' pick this year if New Orleans' selects anywhere between 1-3. In that case, the pick becomes top 1 protected for 2018 – 2020 and unprotected in 2021.

Sacramento owns Philadelphia’s 2017 2nd round pick outright.

Current Lottery Standings (as of April 12th, 2017)

(Percentage indicated equals chance of landing in Top 3)

14. Miami Heat 40-41 (1.8%)

13. Denver Nuggets 39-42 (2.2%)

12. Detroit Pistons 37-44 (2.5%)

11. Charlotte Hornets 36-46 (2.9%)

————— Keep Own Pick if below this line —————

10. New Orleans Pelicans 33-48 (4.0%)

T-8. Dallas Mavericks 32-49 (8.1%)

T-8. Sacramento Kings 32-49 (8.2%)

7. Minnesota Timberwolves 31-50 (15%)

6. New York Knicks 30-51 (21.5%)

T-4. Philadelphia 76ers 28-53 (31.5%)

T-4. Orlando Magic 28-53 (31.5%)

3. L.A. Lakers 26-55 (46.9%)

2. Phoenix Suns 24-58 (55.8%)

1. Brooklyn Nets 20-61 (64.3%)

Sacramento is currently:

eliminated from swapping picks with Philadelphia unless the Kings jump into the top 3, ahead of the Sixers.

Drafting the 8th or 9th pick.

Receiving the 10th pick from New Orleans.

1 game ahead of 7th place.

1 game below 10th place.

New Orleans is currently:

Sending the 10th pick to Sacramento.

1 game away from 9th place.

Cannot finish higher than 10th.

Relevant Games Tonight

April 12th, 2017 (team in bold is who you would want to win in that given scenario)

New Orleans' Pick



Sacramento's Own Pick




Best Case Scenario is:

6. NYK

T-7. SAC

T-7. MIN

T-9. DAL

T-9. NOP

Just for fun, the possible finishing places for each team in the lottery, 1-10:




PHI 4-5

ORL 4-5

NYK 6 or T-6

MIN 6-9

SAC 7-10

DAL 7-10

NOP 8-10

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