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    Kings vs. Jazz: Can the Kings Finally Direct some Jazz?

    After losing 10 of their last 11 games, and rumors of a possible shakeup, can the Kings go to Salt Lake City and steal one?
    By | 0 Comments | Mar 4, 2019

    3 Things to Look For

    2. Obligatory bench complaints.. Our bench is bad.

    3. No large runs! It is ridiculous how many large runs have happened in the last few games. 8-10 point runs are understandable. When 20-2 type runs and worse are happening every game, it starts getting ridiculous. I don't know what else to stay. STOP! ALLOWING! RUNS!

    Key Matchup

    These are two guys who could go off any night. Coming off of a game where he struggled mightily, I could see Rudy bouncing back and having a good game. Hayward always has the potential to put on a show, which is why he signed such a good contract this year. I could see us getting treated to a good duel between these two scorers.

    Pregame Haiku

    The Kings are all lost.

    Despair, Sorrow, Tears, and Pain


    Kings – 113, Jazz – 109

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