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The most Kings players that have never played for the Kings

Which non-Kings best represent the Kings

It started, like most things, with a tweet. Inspired by Tuesday’s discussion of potential trade targets with the Portland Trail Blazers, I came to a realization about Evan Turner.

With a tip of the cap to Andy Glockner, we’re now going to expand on that idea and look at the starting 5 of the “most Kings” players who have never been on the Kings. But what does it mean to be a “Kings” style player? Well, with all apologies to the glory era, it is generally not a compliment. When selected this roster, I used the following criteria:

With my criteria in place, here is the starting five:

G - Raymond Felton

A serviceable player who has never been considered an above-average starter, despite being the 5th overall pick in 2005. Felton has struggled to remain Svelton, which for our purposes here is a bonus.

G - Jose Calderon

A solid but unspectacular guard who the Kings pursued at one point but never landed. Truly a shame. He seems like a very Kings player.

F - Evan Turner

The inspiration for this list. Below-average starter, high draft pedigree, godawful contract. How has this guy never been a King?

F - Jeff Green

You can basically copy and paste the explanation for Turner and it works for Jeff Green. Honestly, I sometimes confused them for being the same player.

C - Marreese Speights

I can absolutely see us talking ourselves into Speights as the Kings starting center, and then hating ourselves for it for months.

So who did I overlook? Who would you put on your roster of the most Kings players to never play for the Kings?

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