Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: Is This a Jok-ic to You?

The Kings will look to avoid an 0-4 start to the season but will have to do so against a former coach and 2nd Seed in the West last season.
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Everyone here? How’d your weekend go? I spent it watching and thinking about a franchise that’s gone over a decade without being good, with a revolving door of characters and that seems to preach heart and family but is really about people who were formerly good at the jobs coming in for a quick cash grab before going elsewhere to win actual hardware. Those Fast and Furious movies are really something else, aren’t they? Literally was holed up in bed the whole weekend, watched 4-8 and that spinoff too. Wait – what did you think I was talking about? OH, oh yeah I nearly forgot: there’s a Kings game tonight. They play one of the best teams in the NBA with one of the better coaches in the NBA and are entirely healthy for the contest. What’s the worst that could happen? The Kings lose by 30+? Jokes on you, suckers, we have our draft pick this year! If there’s anything this management knows how to do, it’s … wait … * sticks head out the window looking towards Dallas * … IT’S THAT WE KNOW HOW TO DRAFT BABY! Let’s talk Kings basketball!

When: Monday, October 28th; 7:00 pm PST

Where: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Malone and Afraid Down Here: So, how close are we to being done with this season already? As a fanbase – I want to get a feel for where everyone is feeling. I could give you stats about Nikola Jokic going for 20-14-7 a night. I could retread the same observation about how Mike Malone must feel playing the Kings on Monday night. I could even crack wise with a joke about “for a guy named Dedmon, he should be better at passing”. But if we’re going to get through 82 games of the most disappointing bullshit since Turetto let Deckard Shaw into The Family (HE KILLED HAN!) … wait sorry… those Fast movies really do get under your skin… I need to gauge the temperature of the base a bit.

The way I see it: when the Kings get good again, I’ll probably disappear from this place. The Kings have allowed me the privilege of punching up for years now and someday when it’s reversed, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand being the bully. Sure I might gloat for a half season or so, but after that, I’m out. Like Pete’s Dragon, I am only useful to crusty losers. This season, I was worried was going to be the bell tolling for me. 3 games in and I’m pretty sure I’ll be around for the foreseeable future till the heat death of the universe. So first off, where are we all? Disappointed? Frustrated? Pissed off? I want to entertain you but I’ve been told by certain Memphis natives that I push a little too much on occasion and while the image of me dancing in face paint on a cop car during a riot at G1C is poetic (and overdone this cinematic season), I’m just trying to give you all what you might want and a little bit of that stuff you didn’t know you needed. I will literally jingle keys on camera to distract you from the state of the Kings if that’s what we need to get through this season. Secondly, maybe today only, just because I’m sure we’re going to get some stuff worked up in us… can I see some dumbass gifs in here? Just make someone in this thread laugh with your favorite gif. We’re going through some stuff before Monday’s game. We can spare some stupid comments. Okay, basketball related preview next time.


Kangz stay Kangz and blow Denver out. By blow out I mean a big one, I mean we see everyone get hot. Buddy hitting threes, Fox tossing dimes, Dedmon completing passes to players on his team. Everyone is cooking!

Kings: 89, Nuggets: 86

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