Kings vs Lakers Summer League Preview: Fox vs. Ball, Round 1: Cancelled

College rivals De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball will have to wait after a late scratch from Ball leaves Fox hanging.
By | 0 Comments | Jul 10, 2017

Well we all knew last night was a pipe dream, so lets just try to move on from it. We’re easily the greatest underdogs in the history of sports and last night we won an assortment of moral victories; when you look at it the right way, isn’t that what sports is all about? The game was never between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Sacramento Kings, but between our hearts and minds. Maybe what we really lost Sunday night was the game of over-expectations, the one we all played on ourselves. The real victory was hidden in the knowledge we gained about who we are underneath. Maybe, just maybe, we did win last night; not on the scoreboard, but deep down in our own souls.

Tonight’s game between the Lonz Ongeles Lavars and the Sacramento Kings has been cancelled and in its place, the release of a sneak peek for the new hit reality miniseries “Fox Playing with a Ball” in which a mild mannered fox, runs around a ball for 48 minutes. Released in 4 episodes throughout the course of it’s first season, it will literally just be a fox toying with some crappy, overrated ball, with the occasional guest appearance from an ass braying incoherently into the camera. I don’t get television anymore, but I heard it’s an extremely enjoyable viewing experience.

Wanna talk about Kings basketball?

When: Monday, July 10th, 7:30 pm PST

Where: Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NBATV, Summer League Watch Party @ G1C

For Your Consideration

Oh, For Fox Sake: With the annual summer league meet-up between the Western Conference rivals upon them, the Kings and Lakers should have had a little extra fuel to add to this year’s fire. The oft talked about college rivalry between the rookies De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball has now bled over into the professional ranks, however, they’ll have to wait to face off against each other as Lonzo Ball will be missing this game with a “groin injury”. This preview definitely wasn’t titled “Fox vs. Ball, Round 1” and there definitely wasn’t a draft of this preview filled with stats based on previous performances in college and what the players have each said about each other. Well, shoot. Hey Akis, this preview is going to be a lot shorter than originally planned. Get well soon, Mr. Ball. The whole world is waiting with bated breath for you to get exposed by a certain rookie point guard out of Kentucky.

Jack Cooley: I don’t need a special title for THE Jack Cooley. “Will, why don’t you use the fact that they’re in Vegas, and make a punny title with the phrase ‘Jack’ in it. You know like the card-” First off, get out of my head collective-voice-of-the-blog. Secondly, the man needs no introduction. His name is the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion? The conclusion is that he’s the best center since the sun decided to have a bunch of rocks and gas rotate around it. But seriously, Jack Cooley, the undrafted big guy from Notre Dame has been the pleasant surprise of Summer League for the Kings. He’s averaging 11 points, 7.5 boards and 1.5 steals in just under 20 minutes per game, which leaves him tied for fourth in scoring with Justin Jackson, second in rebounding behind only Papagiannis, and second in steals behind only Swipa the Fox himself, De’Aaron Fox. His energy and hustle has been a commodity for the Kings and is just one of those blue collar players, who comes in and busts his butt for as long as he can, and in each of the first two games has outperformed some of the Kings core rotational bigs who many expect to make impacts in the regular season. I have no further analysis, only wanted to point out that the guy is setting the standard for hard work out there on the court, and I hope he gets to live his NBA dreams, whether in be with the Kings or elsewhere.

Prediction: Akis fires me as preview writer after inciting a blog wide revolt due to lack of real and actual content. But, the Kings finally get their first win of Summer League and Jack Cooley follows me on Twitter. So, I guess it’s a win-win-win for everyone!

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