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Kings 114, Sixers 110: Yay?

The Kings finally snapped their losing streak, and it feels completely empty

The question remains for the Kings: where do they go from here? There still seems to be major dysfunction at the top of the organization and the team seems to be stuck in neutral as a consequence. It doesn't look like the players have quit on eachother; the guys on the bench were still whooping and cheering, depicted beautifully after Acy's huge block in the fourth. But as long as Karl is here, the defense hasn't changed. The Sixers, 26th in the NBA in 3P% at 33% making 8.5 per game, once again lit it up with 15 made threes at 44%. As mentioned before, Covington joins the ballooning ranks of NBA players racking up a career high in points against the Kings and also nailed a career high seven threes. The defensive system is awful and, winning aside, a night where they gave up 110 points to the Sixers doesn't change anything.

With their playoff "run" on life support, the Kings now get some time off for the All-Star break to recharge and reload. Or not. Maybe Karl looks at the film and changes the defense at the behest of Vlade Divac, who has . Maybe he's gone after all. Honestly, who knows at this point. This is a return to the Ty Corbin era of last year, a franchise in transition leaving its players and fans in limbo and with no clue whats going to happen next. This is not the mark of a competent franchise.

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