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Brad Miller put down roots in Sacramento and never left

Brad Miller has been enjoying his retirement days in Sacramento between attending Kings games and bringing DeMarcus Cousins frozen elk meat.

He's a fan favorite, and Sacramento is a favorite of his.

"Once you live here, it's a fun city, it's a good city," said the Indiana-born Miller.

The always lighthearted Miller stood before the Sacramento media this month and said one of the most memorable moments for him at Sleep Train Arena, aside from having to shower within two minutes of games ending before the dishwashers turned on and took all the hot water, was when Anthony Peeler squared up on Garnett in the playoffs.

"That was pretty funny," Miller quipped.

"It was fun, he's [Miller] a good dude, man. Real down to Earth. He's relatable and he's just a cool dude," said Acy, who claims he may have got the same or a few more ducks than Miller that day. Miller said Acy was better than he thought he would be at hunting.

"It's healthy for you. He grew up country," Miller said of Cousins, who is from Alabama.

Cousins approved.

"Yeah, it was cool. I had never had it before," Cousins said.

Cousins chatted about the present from Miller after complimenting the "family setting" that he experiences while playing in Sacramento. The comment came on the night that several former Kings players and coaches were in the building to say goodbye to Sleep Train Arena one last time. Cousins, like Miller, seems to genuinely enjoy the family environment Sacramento has to offer.

"That's what I love about this place. That's the type of comfort you want coming in to work every day," Cousins said.

Miller must have experienced a similar type of comfort in the Sacramento area during his playing days because he never left.

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