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The Jester’s Court Podcast: Staying Conscious, with Damien Barling

Sometimes, sports need to take a backseat. In this episode we discuss all that's happening in sports and the world at large.

Thank you for your patience the last couple weeks. 

With so much going on sticking to sports for this episode was not van option. We were joined by Damien Barling of The Podcast, ReLive, Stay Conscious, and dozens of other shows. 

Damien helps us guide through the current goings on not just in sports, but in society. We talk about Grant Napear’s firing, how we got here, and while the current movement is both unprecedented and set in years of precedent. 

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Brian Aguilar
1 month ago

Let me know when this podcast actually loads.

Sanjesh Singh
1 month ago

Appreciate this pod, Brad. Insightful discussion from Damien as always

Maxwell Huss
1 month ago

I’ve said it before, but I think Damien could be a good replacement for Grant.

Ican Hascheezburger
1 month ago

Finally finished listening. (Had trouble streaming it earlier).
Thanks Brad and Damien for the discussion. Lots of interesting information, and also an entertaining listen.
I hope I didn’t miss the avocado window in posting this comment so late.

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