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I wrote a post about the Kings as sellers; here is one with them as buyers.

For the first trade, it's Buddy Hield and the Kings 2022 unprotected first rounder for Detroit's Jerami Grant. The Kings want a starter-level big wing and Grant fills that role. They've been trying to trade Buddy for a while. Grant is on the block for the Pistons. They are rebuilding and would definitely like the Kings' pick which they think will be a lottery pick. They don't need or want Buddy; he is mostly salary filler in this trade that the Pistons are willing to swallow for the unprotected first rounder. The Pistons will try to flip Buddy if they can or buy him out after the 2022-2023 season.

Second, the Kings trade Marvin Bagley, a pick swap for their 2023 first rounder, and their 2024 Top 4 protected first rounder for Indiana's Myles Turner. If the pick does not convey, it is Top 10 protected in 2025, and unprotected in 2026. For the Pacers, reports say they want to move LeVert and either Sabonis or Turner. They can take a flyer on Bagley and he is an $11.3 million expiring if he doesn't work out. Jones is there to match salary, and we don't need as many centers as we have now and we're getting Turner with this trade. I think the Pacers will expect, since the Kings have sucked for 16 years, that they will move up with the swap in 2023. The 2024 is there in case they don't. It is Top 4 protected for the Kings. It would be brutal to miss the playoffs, be the 12th-14th spot in the lottery, miraculously move up, but the pick belongs to the Pacers. However, the pick must eventually go to the Pacers. The Kings just have to hope they're solid by the time it conveys. For the Kings, there is no further move to trade Holmes. I would move him to be a super sixth man. Turner is an elite rim protector and stretch big. 

That exhausts the Kings upcoming first round picks which are frankly the Kings' best assets if you're not open to moving Fox or Haliburton. The result is:

  1. Fox
  2. Haliburton
  3. Barnes/Grant
  4. Grant/Barnes
  5. Turner
  6. Holmes
  7. Mitchell
  8. Harkless
  9. Davis
  10. Len
  11. Metu
  12. Thompson
  13. Ramsey
  14. Woodard
  15. King
  16. Queta

I believe that roster will make the playin. Perhaps Grant and/or Barnes can be persuaded to extend their contracts. Turner may want to move on considering his comments to the Athletic reporter, and I have no answer for that. But maybe he likes his new team and re-signs. From there, they make further trades and continue to build. 

What do you think? Would the other team say yes? Should the Kings propose that? Am I delusional? Let me know.