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Our starting line-up: is it for real and does that mean anything for the future?

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It's been nine years since I went from looking up Kings results online, to buying an international league pass and watching Kings games on a daily basis. These were the times when some asked the question if a Dalembert-Cousins frontcourt could get us into the playoffs, or if developing Tyler Honeycutt into the SF of the future could get us into the promised land. Obviously, the answer to basically all questions in those shitty, shitty seasons, was "no, we suck regardless of a line-up change or whatever else you had in your mind."

Until this season! The starting line-up of Fox, Haliburton, Hield, Barnes and Holmes, according to stats from Cleaning The Glass, has a point differential of +15 after 670 possessions. In comparison: the starting line-up of the East-leading Sixers when healthy (Simmons, Curry, Green, Harris, Embiid) has a PD of +15.1 after 811 possessions. Thus, the starting line-up of the Kings belongs to the best in the league. 

Now my question to you guys is: do you think this PD for the Kings' starters is real and are they indeed one of the best in the business or is luck? And if it's the former: should the Kings try and keep it in tact over the summer and improve around the edges?