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Kings Herald Concept Uni

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It's only right that the first design idea shared here is in honor to the good people of The Kings Herald!

The crest of TKH is displayed proudly on the chest with the SACTOWN moniker. The number placement is a bit unusual but we'll just go with it for now. The side striping has opposite colors inspired by the split unis the Kings wore in the 90s and to tie in with the crest logo!

The number on the back of the jersey sits in between two sublimated trumpets as inspired by the logo from TKH.

Although this is just a fun concept for our favorite fan forum, what do you think of this being incorporated into an actual Kings jersey?

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This is really fun and I really appreciate the time it takes to do these. Also, the quote at the bottom right of the jersey is spot-on. 


One question: does it come in gold? (kidding, kidding)

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I would buy that in a heartbeat. The GoT quote is necessary.

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This King Herald T-shirt looks stunning, I would love to buy this pair of Tees for me and my younger brother. Also, It will be good if you offer the True Classic Tees discount codes on the purchasing of this T-shirt or a buy one get one offer.