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Alpheren or Usman?
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Alpheren or Usman?

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I have been a Kings Fan since I was a kid. First post on this site.  I remember scalpers at Old Arco, I remember Ricky Barry who would have been a Dale Ellis type I am convinced, and in less exciting dreamscapes I remember the tenure of Dick Motta with our beloved team.

So with all of the crazy things going on in the world - including private equity firms such as Blackrock that are buying up single-family homes with unfettered ease and turning large segments of our middle-class (whatever that means now) fanbase into a permanent "serf" nation akin to Europe (Hey I am Welsh so you can call my family and ask how it is over there?) - let us take a moment to ponder not the over-bids on the housing market, but a more sensible market......


The Center / Power Forward Market:


Usman Garuba & Alperen Sengun.   I don't need both of them. I only need one of them. Let's figure out which one is falling, and do a deal with the Knicks or the Rockets, and swing the 2 for 1 pick trade as evidenced below:

All data based on Tankathon Simulation (I know this is a stale sim. but bear with me>......)

Kings Trade:   Pick #9  (Kory Kispert)   No Thanks Ilgauskas 2.0.   He may be serbiak or hood. But maybe not. Not worth the risk. Trade Back.

Or - if he is going to go #11-#18: Take Sengun.   He is what we need. We need a Jokic type. Build around him.



Failsafe Plan: Sengun is taken by the Raptors (#7) which may be likely or another team ahead of us.....


Knicks Trade Picks #19 & #21 for our pick #9: 

We take: 



Whomever is available of:    Josh Giddey,  Isaiah Jackson, or Kai Jones




Usman Garuba


Note: Important:    Garuba Needs to be available at #21 for this system to work.  We must be patient and not fanboy on a player early in the draft order.

Find out who is working out Garuba and keep it like A Quiet Place II (just saw in the theaters and I loved it - good job Krasinksi!!!0.



We end up with a potential of either:


Sengun the Penguin (Jokic Light) I am good.


Giddey, Jackson, or Jones + Garuba (I am also quite good).


Let me know your thoughts.


Are we being too friendly with the Knicks in this trade scenario?  Should we get someone back or future pick back too>


Yours Truly,


Someone that once bought a Nick Anderson Jersey and has lost it...






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I appreciate the Blackrock intro. 

I like Sengun at 9 (Kings have 9 now) 

Some teams may want to move late first round picks. Used to be able to buy for cash, not so much now. 

Apparently NYK want out of their pick. 

OKC has a ridiculous 6 picks- 3 in first- 6, 16 and 18. MB3 for 16 and 18 ( pray for a miracle). Then Garuba may be there. and agree not Garuba and Sengun. Also- Z. Williams, Duarte, JT Thor.